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AMFG and Dyndrite announce software solution for metal 3D printing

Dyndrite and AMFG have announced an integrated software solution that enables cross-platform LPBF printing with a single application.

The integrated solution optimizes metal 3D printing by enabling automation from order to finished part and streamlining the production process.

AMFG powered by Dyndrite combines advanced order fulfillment capabilities with Dyndrite’s industrial 3D printer processing capabilities. The solution enables Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) users and service bureaus to deploy automated ordering, assembly and dynamically processed part production services.

A survey of AMFG customers shows impressive benefits of over 500 hours per machine per year in labor saved for powder-based processes alone. Monthly, this translates to a remarkable 220-300 hours saved for six machines, or approximately 40 hours per printer per month.

“Our partnership with AMFG allows us to stay at the forefront of the Additive Industry. We are excited to further streamline the production process through automated print preparation, allowing us to deliver high-quality parts across platforms to our customers faster than ever before. This has not only helped us improve our customer satisfaction, but also further developed our substantial capability for mass-production, as we work together to explore new opportunities enabled by a true automated additive CAM solution integrated with AMFG’s world-leading MES.” says Richard Minifie, RICOH.

AMFG powered by Dyndrite provides an autonomous manufacturing workflow. AMFG’s job management system receives and collects jobs, sorted by machining process and parameters. Parts are then entered into Dyndrite’s AMFG software, whose GPU-accelerated CAM engine allows parts to be nested, supported, labeled and toolpaths generated for compatible machines.

“We are entering a new era of manufacturing. One driven by data and automation,” said Keyvan Karimi, founder and CEO of AMFG. “By adopting Dyndrite we enable data automation down to the toolpath, unlocking the full potential of each machine, while growing efficiency and reducing the potential for human errors. Dyndrite’s cutting-edge technology is enabling our LPBF customers to produce complex parts with unprecedented precision, speed, and reliability, giving our industry the boost it needs to compete with traditional manufacturing techniques.”

“The partnership between AMFG and Dyndrite marks a significant step towards a seamless production process for 3D metal machines. By combining the strengths of our respective software, we’ve created a one-stop-shop solution that streamlines the complex and time-consuming task of driving the AM process,” said Harshil Goel, founder and CEO of Dyndrite. “With AMFG using our engine, manufacturers can expect increased efficiency, consistency, and reliability, making LPBF a more practical and adoptable tool in their production process.”

AMFG powered by Dyndrite will be available in Q3 2023. Companies interested in learning more can meet AMFG in booth #4656 and Dyndrite in booth #3324 at RAPID + TCT 2023.

Find out more about Dyndrite at dyndrite.com.

For more information about AMFG, please visit amfg.ai.

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