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AON3D presents new optimization software for 3D printing

3D printer manufacturer AON3D is previewing new machine learning-based thermal optimization software at RAPID + TCT 2023.

The core technology is a simulation engine designed specifically for MEX that enables accurate predictions of heat flow behavior in an object during printing. AON3D combines the accuracy and reliability of numerical methods with the speed and ease of use of statistical modeling.

Current slicing software offers various analysis and optimization features, but neglects to optimize heat and heat flow behavior. AON3D’s software, on the other hand, visualizes temperatures and heat fluxes and allows corrective actions to be taken before printing or inspection requirements to be defined after printing.

The software can output fully structured data in raw form that can be used in other analysis software or in custom post-processors.

AON3D also addresses composites and semi-crystalline polymers that have been difficult to model and simulate in the past, including materials such as PEEK, nylon, PAEK and PEKK.

The new software enables engineers to make informed design and process optimization decisions by incorporating an entirely new form of quantitative data. Combined with the AON M2+ high-temperature 3D printer and Readyprint filaments, manufacturers can achieve a new level of consistency and confidence in parts across all machines and production runs, reducing the need for time-consuming testing and quality management.

AON3D will preview the new software and invite potential beta customers to test it at RAPID + TCT in Chicago, May 2-4, in booth #4241. To learn more about AON3D’s new software and the AON M2, visit aon3d.com.

Find out more about AON3D at aon3d.com.

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