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Autodesk introduces new AI features for Fusion

At its Autodesk University design and manufacturing conference, the software company Autodesk announced new functions for its Fusion platform. Fusion integrates various tools for construction, simulation and electronics design in a cloud environment.

According to Autodesk, the linking of tools across the entire product development process is intended to simplify collaboration between teams. Changes are updated automatically so that the latest model is always used.

Fusion is now being expanded to include AI functions that can be used in every phase. AI technologies that are already available support generative design or the automatic generation of drawings, for example. Solutions for automated NC programming are also planned.

With Fusion, Autodesk is relying on partnerships, such as with providers of electronics design tools, and acquisitions, such as the simulation software FlexSim. The aim is to map the complete workflow from conception to design, simulation and production in one platform.

According to Autodesk, the integration of processes in Fusion simplifies collaboration across departments. Supported by AI functions, recurring tasks can be automated in order to optimize user performance.

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