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B9Creations B9 Scan 500 Ultra-Precision 3D Scanner

B9Creations, a global provider of additive manufacturing solutions, announced the launch of its brand-new, ultra-precision B9 Scan 500 3D scanner – set to debut at AGTA GemFair Tucson in booth #1714.

Highly intuitive and efficient, the B9 Scan 500 now stands as the highest-accuracy 3D scanner on the market, enabling users to replicate models with 5 µm accuracy. And with a robust internal computer, the B9 Scan 500 makes the scanning process entirely automatic and customizable. 3D modeling is now quick and easy, requiring only a monitor and a mouse to achieve highly detailed scans in minutes.
Bundled with Leios 2, the most reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing, and reverse engineering, the B9 Scan 500 is the complete solution for industries spanning from jewelry to manufacturing.
The B9 Scan 500 enables users to scan small objects in under five minutes and digitally capture designs to make desired changes, improvements, replicas, or customizations.

With an established reputation as an innovation engine at the forefront of additive manufacturing, B9Creations’ professional 3D printing solutions serve a variety of high-precision applications in nearly 70 countries across the globe. Its platforms are leveraged by brands ranging from Riddle’s Jewelry to The Casting House, Johnson & Johnson, Pella, Graco, Procter & Gamble, Hasbro, the National Institutes of Health, and beyond.

B9Creations CEO, Shon Anderson, credits the company’s rapid innovation to a competitive advantage of out-listening – of taking customer feedback and transforming it into technology that acts as an engine of growth in their businesses. “At B9Creations, we’re always listening to and leveraging feedback to drive product developments, and the B9 Scan 500 was no exception. We listened to our customers and developed a product that can be leveraged for applications requiring even the highest levels of precision and reliability,” he said.

Picture & Link: www.b9c.com

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