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Polyga präsentiert industriellen 3D-Scanner Compact S5 Macro für kleine Objekte

The Canadian company Polyga has introduced the Compact S5 Macro, a new 3D scanner specially designed for digitizing small objects. Designed for desktop applications, the scanner is said to offer particularly high accuracy when capturing parts between 1 and 5 centimetres in size.

According to the manufacturer, the compact 3D scanner achieves an accuracy of 5 micrometers with a resolution of up to 5 million 3D points per scan. Scanning takes place within 0.25 seconds, allowing complete objects to be digitized quickly.

In addition to the two 5-megapixel cameras, the device has a multi-channel projector to ensure high resolution and attention to detail. Color is captured in monochrome using special ColorScan technology.

For use in industrial production and quality control, the compact 3D scanner offers various connection options, a robust design and connection via various interfaces.

According to Polyga CEO Thomas Tong, the scanner sets new standards in the digitization of the smallest components and meets the requirements for precision and integration capability for professional use. The Compact S5 Macro is available immediately.

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