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B9Creations releases new 3D Printers for the Dental Industry

3D printer manufacturer B9Creations has announced the launch of a new 3D printer called the B9 Dent XL for the dental market. Alongside the printer, it is also set to launch a new material offering with a wide range of resins.

The company incorporates feedback from dental technicians at all stages of product development – from intuitive CAM software tailored to dental applications to high-performance materials for a wide range of indications and automated post-processing units.

“Our journey has always been defined by our ability to create customized solutions that solve problems others won’t tackle. For the past 7+ years, B9Creations has served the dental industry as a technology partner. We’ve seen the needs and frustrations of customers who need robust, dependable equipment assembled in the USA and backed by a company that defines our success as the customer achieving their goals rather than simply closing a sale. B9Creations brought workflow innovations to the jewelry industry that eliminated complexity by going directly from design software to print and eliminating CAM, which enabled the first large-scale retail deployments of Additive Manufacturing. These same innovations can break down the barriers of complexity that create workforce headaches and hinder the profitability of AM chairside. In industries from aerospace to medical device, we’ve been at the forefront of volume production with AM in some of the most dimensionally-demanding applications,” said B9Creations CEO, Shon Anderson.

The company highlights the development of a dental-specific CAM software that was created with input from experienced dental technicians and incorporates their language, functionality and visual interface. The software reduces the workflow to just three clicks and integrates intelligence in layout, orientation and support functions based on the indication.

The B9 Dent XL was developed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals. With an effective resolution of less than 25 microns and a powerful 385 nm light engine, the printer enables 3D printing of complex geometries in a wide range of specialty materials.

The B9 Dent Series offers features that enable repeatable performance with zero calibrations and an industrial light engine. The platform is open to third-party materials, simplifying the development of customized material. The B9 Dent CAM software is designed exclusively for the dental sector, enabling scalability with multi-printer management and automated post-processing.

For dental companies looking to build a differentiated offering and add value to their own products and services through additive manufacturing, B9Creations can create private label solutions that integrate with their own software, hardware and other products.

“We’ve recognized the struggle in getting dental technicians up to speed quickly, and when you add in turnover and labor shortages, going digital in dentistry can be a challenge. So, with one of our dental partners, we developed dental-specific CAM software with input from senior dental technicians, including their feedback in the language, functionality, and visual interface of the software—and then condensed the workflow to just three clicks, with intelligence built into the layout, orientation, and supporting functions based on indication. This meant they already knew the functionality, as it looked like a dental CAD program, and the software took care of the rest. Now, we’re seeking other opportunities for companies who want to offer that type of value internally and to their customers,” added Anderson. “For dental companies seeking to provide a differentiated offer and build value into your own products and services leveraging AM, B9Creations can create private-labeled offerings that integrate with your own software, hardware, and other products to provide your customers assurance of results that selling the same off-the-shelf printer as your competitors can’t deliver. Starting now, there’s a better option for Additive Manufacturing in dental.”

The B9 Dent series optimizes workflows, shortens lead times and enables the production of customized solutions with speed and efficiency. Whether it’s same-day treatment solutions, improving patient interaction with visual aids, optimizing lab production or preparing the next generation of dental professionals, B9Creations 3D printers deliver unmatched ease of use, precision and repeatable performance.

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