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CHITUBOX launches resin material platform for 3D printing

Software manufacturer and 3D printer specialist CHITUBOX has launched the Resin Material Alliance (RMA), a comprehensive platform for resin materials in 3D printing. The digital platform is intended to simplify the handling of resins for users and manufacturers.

According to CHITUBOX, there are currently several challenges when dealing with resins for additive manufacturing. For example, users often lack knowledge about material properties and optimal printing profiles. It is also difficult for manufacturers to respond to customer feedback in a timely manner.

The new RMA platform is intended to remedy this situation. It combines a material database with standardized print profiles from various suppliers. CHITUBOX users can call up information on resins via the platform and load the profiles directly into the software.

According to CHITUBOX, this significantly simplifies the search for the optimum print setup. The comprehensive material details reduce printing failures. In addition, profiles can be managed and shared online. For resin manufacturers, the platform improves communication with users.

Already at launch, more than 120 resin types from 19 brands are included in the RMA. CHITUBOX sees the platform as a solution to various industry challenges. It aims to improve the resin 3D printing experience and facilitate communication between users and manufacturers.

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