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Cosine Additive Releases New Details on Tandem Simultaneous Printing Mode

Cosine Additive has announced details regarding their AM1 Printer’s now-available Tandem Extruder option. The innovative feature gives operators the ability to create two identical prints simultaneously. This maximizes a single machines manufacturing throughput while minimizing the amount of time and manufacturing floor space it requires.

In keeping with their modular, upgradeable platform philosophy, Cosine has designed the Tandem Extruder so it can be purchased pre-installed on a new AM1 printer or upgraded a previously purchased printer already in the field.
The Tandem Extruder feature also simplifies the entire trial and error process of discovering the best possible material for a print for a specific application. Cosine’s Tandem Extruder can create two copies of the same exact structure
using 2 different filaments as long as they are of similar melting points. Users can easily compare the different strengths, flexibilities, weights, and overall qualities of different materials to decide which best fits their printing needs.

Customers can then ramp up part production on the tandem extruder once a material is selected cutting the cost of the part in half. Although Cosine Additive is not the first to create a 3D printer with a Tandem Extruder option, they are the only company that offers this option for use on such a large scale machine.
Cosine Additive, founded in 2014, is a Houston-based company specializing in additive manufacturing and filament based polymer 3d printing. The company uses this technology to create high quality building tools and materials for clients. But what sets them apart from others in the field of additive manufacturing and 3D printing is their open materials philosophy. Instead of being locked into a few proprietary material choices, their platform places no restrictions on the use of 3rd party thermoplastics. This approach allows collaboration with industry leading polymer firms to develop the next generation of materials for additive manufacturing.

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