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Disney Research Unveils Fabric 3D Printer

Disney Research, a network of research laboratories supporting The Walt Disney Company, has released a paper introducing “a layered fabric 3D printer for soft interactive objects“.

The technique seems to be quite similar to Mcor’s paper 3D printing method. The single layers of fabric are cut out by a laser, before being bonded to the previous layers using a heat sensitive adhesive. The surrounding fabric, serving as a support structure during the print, has to be removed once the object is finished. The device with a build volume of 25 x 25 x 25 cm (10 inches) is capable of combining two separate fabric types in one print job. This allows for integrating layers with touch sensing capability or embedded conductive coils. In the following video Disney does not only explain the 3D printing process but also shows some examples of objets created with the device:

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