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Evonik introduces PA12 Powder based on Biocircular Raw Materials from Waste Cooking Oils

Specialty chemicals company Evonik is setting an example in the direction of sustainable 3D printing with the launch of a new polyamide 12 powder. INFINAM eCO PA12 is the world’s first PA12 powder for industrial 3D printing that completely eliminates fossil raw materials and instead relies on biocircular raw materials from waste cooking oils using a mass-balancing process. Compared with Evonik’s own castor oil-based polyamides, the new powder reduces CO2 emissions by a remarkable 74 percent.

“True circularity is key for being successful in the future. As a pioneer for polymer-based 3D printing materials, Evonik has developed a formula for its PA12 powders to drive circular plastics economy in additive manufacturing”, says Dominic Störkle, Head of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Growth Field at Evonik. “With the introduction of INFINAM eCO PA12, we go far beyond chemistry to start closing the loop, and meet the market’s expectations for a better future.”

Evonik’s approach to circular economy is based on four pillars:

  • Reuse
  • Reduction
  • Renewability
  • Recycling

In addition to production efficiency and the reusability of materials, Evonik also considers the entire life cycle of its PA12 formulations. By using renewable energies and raw materials, the company is continuously improving the eco-balance of its materials. The abbreviation “eCO” stands for the company’s goal of avoiding greenhouse gases by using renewable or circular raw materials through mass balancing.

Evonik’s 3D printing activities are pooled in the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Growth Field. The strategic focus here is on the development and production of industrial, ready-to-use high-performance materials for all common polymer-based 3D printing technologies. This promotes 3D printing along the entire value chain as a large-scale industrial manufacturing technology.

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