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Geomagic Design and Design Elements

Geomagic Design and Design Elements is a parametrical CAD solution including visualising, simulation and metal sheet design.

Geomagic Design allows for the design of 3D prototypes, the management of assemblies andboundary conditions via drag and drop as well as well as visualising movement and degree of freedom. Physical details like weight, moment of inertia and volume can be calculated and thereby intelligent data can be structured.

Further Features

  • Geomagic Design offers a large part library with standard components to choose from
  • 2D documentation creation
  • Module for metal sheet design
  • 3D pdf export function
  • Integrated movement simulation
  • Version control, check in/out, remote access, contact management and process enforcement
  • Wide variety of import functions

Geomagic Design Screenshot

Comparison of Geomagic Design versions

Geomagic® Design™ Elements offers CAD basic functions to create models
Geomagic® Design™ on the other hand offers extended options like simulation of movement and assemblies

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