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Kaedim also relies on human workforce for 3D modeling through AI

The US startup Kaedim promises to automatically generate 3D models from 2D sketches using artificial intelligence (AI). Research by the technology portal 404 Media uncovered this: Behind the scenes, some of the people at work at Kaedim created the models on their own.

According to 404 Media, the quality of the AI-generated 3D models was at times so poor that the results were hardly usable. As a result, Kaedim said it built a pool of 3D artists who worked in shifts and were paid between $1 and $4 per model.

Kaedim founder Konstantina Psoma had not mentioned the human element in interviews or marketing materials. She referred to manual post-processing only as “quality control.” After the release of 404 Media, Kaedim adjusted its website to make the role of “artists” more transparent. By 2024, model creation should be fully automated.

It’s not uncommon for AI startups to require algorithms to be trained initially with a lot of human feedback. There are currently ongoing advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not just in 3D modeling, but pretty much in every industry. However, the case shows that you always have to be careful with marketing promises.

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