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Liqcreate unveils new Flame Retardant 3D Printing Resin

Liqcreate, an independent manufacturer of 3D printing materials based in the Netherlands, has launched a new flame retardant 3D printing resin called Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT. This resin features high temperature resistance combined with a UL94 V0 fire rating, making it attractive for a wide range of applications in engineering, mobility, consumer goods and electronics.

Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT is an ultra-rigid white photopolymer resin that can be processed on most resin-based 3D printers. It is compatible with Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and laser-based 3D printing systems in the 385-420nm range. Parts printed with this resin can withstand high temperatures and are self-extinguishing. With an HDT-B value of 257°C, it is ideal for high temperature applications.

In particular, the resin is predestined for use in the interiors of cars, aircraft, trains and electronic equipment thanks to its UL94 V0 rating. It is also ideal for the manufacture of tools, connector housings and covers. The resin’s fire safety properties have been confirmed by the UL94 organization. Internal testing of Liqcreate to FAR 25.853 also showed promising results, particularly for applications in the aerospace and mobility sectors.

For OEM partners, Liqcreate offers the ability to rename and optimize Flame Retardant HDT resin for different applications and 3D printers. In addition to its branded resin range, Liqcreate also offers a custom development service to provide specific formulas for specific applications.

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