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Artec 3D introduces new Micro II stationary 3D scanner for small parts

The company Artec 3D has introduced a new 3D scanner especially for digitizing small objects. According to the manufacturer, the Micro II offers a particularly high accuracy of 5 micrometers.

The Micro II is an automatic desktop scanner that can capture small parts fully automatically from all sides. Thanks to four 13-megapixel cameras and modern scanning algorithms, even the finest details can be precisely digitized.

According to Artec 3D, the scanner is ideal for various applications such as quality inspections, reverse engineering or jewelry production. Thanks to the large scan volume of a maximum of 20 x 20 x 15 centimeters, a large number of objects can be captured.

The Micro II is twice as precise as its predecessor model, the manufacturer claims. The ISO-certified accuracy is 5 micrometers and the repeatability is less than 2 micrometers. This means that the scanner meets the high requirements for digitization in many industrial processes.

The fully automatic scanning process can be controlled via the Artec Studio software. Scanned 3D data can then be used for fast CAD design and quality analysis. According to Artec 3D, the Micro II should open up new possibilities for digitizing the smallest components in numerous industries.

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