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Q5D announces its CY1000 3D printing system

UK-based wire harness automation equipment manufacturer Q5D has announced the launch of its CY1000 5-axis CNC robotic cell for additive manufacturing.

The 5-axis CNC robotic cell solves the most difficult automation problem: implementing electrical connections in increasingly complex products. Compared to traditional wire harnesses, the CY1000 automatically, economically and safely inserts components, connections and conductors into metal, ceramic or polymer products. The unique process, which the company calls “Electrical Function Integration,” eliminates the need for separate wire harnesses, minimizes design constraints, increases reliability and reduces costs. Supply chains can be secured and simplified by eliminating labor dependencies.

The CY1000 features a robust steel-framed gantry and robotic platform. It is designed for stand-alone use or easy integration into a process line. The machine can use a variety of special tools to extrude wires and a wide range of polymers. It can also accommodate and position electrical connectors and components. With these multiple capabilities, the CY1000 creates 3D shapes and connects them with precise integrated wiring.

The flexibility of the CY1000 is critical to its ability to increase productivity. Large components or multiple smaller parts can be molded and loaded into the manufacturing cell. The machine positions the part and adds electrical functions as specified by the designer using a Siemens NX-based CAD/CAM system.

The CY1000 is customized for each application and comes with polymer and wiring end effectors. Conductive ink end effectors will be available in late 2023.

Q5D’s CEO, Steven Bennington, commented: “Almost all wiring harnesses in this $200B+ market are made by hand at present. With the demand for wiring driven by electrification, the internet of things, and net zero, automation is the only way to keep pace.”

Find out more about Q5D at q5d.com.

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