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Recycle Your Plastic Bottles With Renegade

Renegade is the first 3D printing pen that helps you recycle plastic waste like bottles.

Renegade comes with a handy tool, the ChupaCut. With this gadget it is easily possible to cut plastic bottles and other plastic waste into fine stripes. These stripes can be 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or even 12mm wide. To process these stripes a special material feed was developed which is shown below.

Daniel Edwards is the initiator behind the Renegade and the Kickstarter campaign. He wants to make this world a better place by helping you recycle your plastic waste. By the way you can save a lot of money by replacing the expensive filaments with recycled plastic.

Renegade can be preordered via Kickstarter from 60$. The first shipments are planned for early next year.