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Scan-to-Print Workflow: Ackuretta and Medit cooperate

Ackuretta and Medit have announced a partnership to provide validated workflows for 3D printing in dentistry. Ackuretta specializes in 3D printing ecosystems and Medit in dental 3D scanning and CAD solutions.

The combination of Medit’s dental platform Medit Link and Ackuretta’s intelligent cutting software ALPHA AI will further optimize dental 3D printing workflows. This integration facilitates the slicing of 3D data and eliminates uncertainties previously associated with manual processes. The result is a direct, chair-side conversion of scans into finished 3D prints.

“Since our establishment in 2013, we have been working with the top players in the industry. Integrating with Medit only makes sense as it will help clinicians to easily 3D print dental applications promptly. True chairside validated workflows from scan to finished prints. We are excited to see what the future holds. Together we can pave the way to keep helping and educating dental professionals” – Ayush Bagla, CEO and Founder of Ackuretta.

The collaboration between Ackuretta and Medit not only bodes well for increasing efficiency in dentistry, but also paves the way for future innovation. It lays the foundation for a seamless, fully integrated workflow that extends from imaging to finished 3D printing.

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