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Sculpteo State of 3D Printing Survey 2022

With more than 1900 respondents, Sculpteo’s State of 3D Printing has been a great success in 2021. For its 8th edition this year, Sculpteo wants to offer an even more complete study and asks for your participation. 

The State of 3D Printing is an excellent overview of the additive manufacturing industry and provides insights into how professionals use this manufacturing technology. Which industry is making the most of this technology, what kind of companies are using additive manufacturing, and what are the roles of 3D printing users in these companies?

Here are some interesting insights from the 2021 report:

Is 3D printing more used for prototyping or production?
Additive manufacturing is definitely proving to be a real manufacturing solution. 49% of the respondents last year said that they used additive manufacturing for large series production. 3D printed parts are increasingly used for end-use mechanical parts and end-use consumer goods.

Mass customization, a real game-changer for businesses using 3D printing
Additive manufacturing also offers a level of adaptability impossible to attain with traditional manufacturing techniques. Mass customization is highly sought after by industries such as footwear, sporting goods, and medical applications. Indeed, 41% of users cite mass customization as an advantage, up 9% over last year.

Speed of innovation constantly improving for 3D printing users
87% of business users believe this technology has made an excellent improvement for the speed of innovation, this is an increase of 7% over last year. 

How to unlock the full potential of 3D printing ?
According to the respondents of the study, a lower cost of entry, more reliable technologies and new materials are the keys to growing this industry. With more affordable solutions and materials adapted to new applications, additive manufacturing is sure to take its place as a manufacturing heavyweight.

Download the full 2021 report here for free.

Why Sculpteo needs you to complete this survey

Sculpteo’s goal is to have as much data as possible from all 3D printing users and businesses using 3D printing to create a complete and accurate analysis. 3D printing is an industry in perpetual development, so it is necessary to follow its evolution to reap all the benefits.  Thus, thanks to the different data obtained, they will be able to measure the degree of use of 3D printing and highlight the cause-and-effect relationships that exist between the different variables. 

Answer the survey here and get a 10% discount on Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service.

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