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Sintratec S2 revolutionizes podiatry in Australia with 3D printing

In Albany, Australia, the Advanced Family and Sports Podiatry (AFSP) practice, led by Mark Ireland, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Since implementing the Sintratec S2, a Swiss SLS 3D printer, almost three years ago, the team has produced over 1300 pairs of personalized foot orthoses. This marks a significant advance in the treatment of foot problems and dysfunctions.

The success of AFSP is reflected in an increase in patients of around 30 percent, which Ireland attributes to increased health awareness and the associated foot complaints. He sees this as a greater challenge for podiatry than ever before.

“The potential of Sintratec technology in podiatry is enormous and should be seriously considered for a podiatry practice,” comments Mark Ireland, owner and head podiatrist, Advanced Family and Sports Podiatry.

The decision to purchase the Sintratec S2 was a turning point. The technology makes it possible to produce customized insoles within 24 hours – a speed that would be unattainable with conventional methods. The precision and design freedom offered by selective laser sintering are decisive advantages.

“When we first started using the S2, we were probably making orthotics that were more traditionally designed,” says Ireland. “But over time, we began to harness the power of the material to create devices that better match feet and shoes and provide a customized fit that improves the fit of the foot in the shoe.”

The process, based on an individual 3D scan of the foot and additional treadmill data, enables optimal fitting of the orthoses. Ireland uses Sintratec PA12, a robust nylon material whose lightness and durability outshine conventional methods.

The introduction of the S2 meant a rethink at AFSP. Initially, traditionally designed orthoses were produced, but soon the possibilities of the material were fully exploited to create aids that enable a better match between foot and shoe.

In addition to foot orthoses, AFSP now also produces specialized aids such as heel raisers and shoe raisers for people with leg length discrepancies. Over 1500 patients have already benefited from these innovative solutions. The constantly increasing demand and production underlines the success and efficiency of Sintratec technology in podiatry.

“The performance, quality and reliability of the Sintratec S2 has opened up a world where we can help patients in ways we could only dream of before,” enthuses Ireland. “The system has been instrumental in the company’s success and has created a unique service that only we can offer our clientele,” concludes the podiatrist.

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