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Stability AI introduces AI for the creation of 3D models

Stability AI is best known for the development of the AI Stable Diffusion, which can generate detailed images from text input. Unlike other AI image generators such as Dall-E or MidJounrey, Stable Diffusion is open source. The company now wants to make its AI expertise available for the creation of 3D models.

The function called Stable 3D is still in the preview phase. It is intended to greatly simplify the creation of digital 3D objects. According to the company, all you have to do is provide Stable 3D with a text containing the desired description of a 3D object. The AI then generates a 3D model in the standard OBJ format. The model can then be further edited in software such as Blender.

For designers and game developers, the AI can significantly speed up and simplify the time-consuming process of manual 3D modeling, Stability AI claims. The function is still in a test phase.

According to Stability AI, the long-term goal is to enable non-technical users to create digital 3D content.

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