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Steakholder Foods presents Light CAD Editor for 3D Food Modeling

Steakholder Foods has launched new software called Light CAD Editor. This simple software allows customers to create 3D models for the company’s printers. This makes it easier to produce products that look and taste like real meat and fish.

Light CAD Editor marks a significant step in the evolution of Steakholder Foods’ Fusion printers. These devices are already known for their ability to produce highly detailed and textured finished products. Now, thanks to the new editor, customers can customize their products in the field and ensure they meet or exceed industry standards and consumer expectations.

With the introduction of the Light CAD Editor, Steakholder Foods adds an additional level of sophistication to its line of Fusion printers. Users now have the ability to create custom textures with textures that are unprecedented in their similarity to natural fibrous textures.

Steakholder Foods’ Chief Engineering Officer, Itamar Atzmony, commented: “We know from experience that designing the best 3D-printed meat products involves a lot of trial and error, and that our customers need the tools to optimize their offerings. That’s why we’re not just offering 3D printing; we’re offering a comprehensive solution that allows our clients to customize like never before. As we move closer to commercial-scale production, this software will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset in creating products that truly meet consumer demands.”

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