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The Virtual Foundry release Filamet Evaluation Kit to try out metal 3D printing

The Virtual Foundry announced the Filamet Evaluation Kit, a new product. The Filamet Evaluation Kit contains sample-size portions of Copper Filamet 3D Printing Filament as well as the other items needed to debind and sinter copper 3D prints. It offers a new way for researchers and artists to try metal 3D printing before investing in a full metal 3D printing system.

“Right now we’re seeing increasing growth in high schools, Fab Labs, community colleges, and even home users. This market is a great fit. Every school has 3D printers”, says Brad Woods, Founder/CEO at The Virtual Foundry. “By using our approach, these users can expand into metal AM without massive capital outlay and with minimal learning curve.”

Features and benefits of Filamet Evaluation Kit:
  • The kit includes a finished, full metal part
  • If users don’t have a kiln, The Virtual Foundry will perform debind and sintering services
  • Get a feel for the full 3-step “print – debind – sinter” process
The Filamet Evaluation Kit is available now, at $96 USD. For more information on the Filamet Evaluation Kit, visit https://shop.thevirtualfoundry.com/collections/filamet-kits/products/filamet-3d-metal-printing-evaluation-kit?variant=42462216650997.
Find out more about The Virtual Foundry at thevirtualfoundry.com.

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