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Thermwood presents new process for large-format 3D printing

US company Thermwood has unveiled a new method for 3D printing extra-large components. In the process, known as “Cut Layer Additive” (CLA), the objects are built up by cutting and joining plate segments.

Unlike layering by extrusion, the cross-sections are cut from sheet material. According to Thermwood, this makes it possible to produce more cost-effectively and with more materials than with conventional large-format 3D printing.

To do this, each layer is divided into several segments that can be arranged on the plates and used efficiently. The parts are then reassembled using positive-locking joints.

Thermwood has already successfully demonstrated CLA for plastics, metals and composites. For example, a 12-foot-long carbon mold and an aerospace aluminum jig have been produced using minimal material.

This is made possible by AI software developed by Thermwood. It automatically calculates the required segments and toolpaths, without extensive NC programming. The user simply specifies the CAD geometry and parameters such as material and wall thicknesses.

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