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Turn 3D Scans into Personal Gaming Avatars with SmartBody

SmartBody is a project by the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technology that enables you to turn a 3D scan into a gaming avatar. 

By 3D scanning your own body and face using the Microsoft Kinect for example and uploading it into a simulation, you can create your personal avatar using the Auto-Rigger and Reshaper tool. This will allow you to automatically create a rigged model that can be reshaped based on parameters such as hight or weight. Moreover, the research team has developed features recognising gestures along with lip syncing tools.

According to the developers Andrew Feng and Ari Sapiro, SmartBody can be incorporated into most game and simulation engines.

“We capture and simulate an avatar of a person in 4 minutes. This represents a major change in the economics of creating avatars. New scans can be done each day as the person wears different clothing, hairstyle, accessories and so forth.”

The Software runs on Windows, Linux, OSx as well as iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded here.

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