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Viper Project: Chinese High Speed Train Completely Prototyped Using a 3D Printer

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Ira3D has teamed up with Drawpon Lab for the Viper Project, the first high speed train completely prototyped with a 3D printer.

With over 9,300 kilometres of rail network for rapid transport, China is the nation with the most developed high speed trains. In 2016 the network will extend to 18,000 kilometres for high speed trains reaching a maximum speed of 380 kilometres per hour.

“High speed is one of the greatest challenges of our era and the time is right for us to make our move” said Alessandro Padrin, CEO of Ira3D. “The transition towards such important technological development requires complete technical preparation, ambition and determination. We are convinced of the importance of leaving the world better than we found it and we are happy with the collaboration between 3D printing by Ira3D and Drawpon Lab, in which we have found a reliable partner to allow us to fearlessly ride the wave of progress by availing of 3D printing”.

The Viper Project aims at presenting a complete 3D solution to create a new high speed train for China. The 3D model, designed by Drawpon Lab, is entirely 3D printed in PLA and wooden filament using the 3D Poetry Infinity by Ira3D and post-processed with paint and spray.

“We can’t wait to start this project with Ira3D. Our companies share the same ideal to promote development and positive growth around the world, starting with home technology. I hope this synergy-based project between professional designers and the highest performing 3D printers can act as a catalyst for further initiatives intended to promote a design and prototyping system in the industrial design sector and further afield” stated Matteo Cibelli, CEO of Drawpon Lab. “The extraordinary ability of the Poetry Infinity 3D printer is a fundamental pillar of any project developed by Drawpon Lab, together with Ira3D and we are committed to investing in advancing technology”.


Ira3D has made significant steps to supporting growth and development at international level, not only in industrial design, but also in the public transport, mechanical and technology sectors. The company currently has an entourage of 25 employees and over 100 distributors around the globe, with its 3D printing technology powering production in over 26 countries around the world.

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