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YouTuber 3D prints Simpsons house and makes 3D model files available for free

On his YouTube channel, maker Luke Towan presents the step-by-step 3D printing of a 1:87 scale model of the Simpsons house. The little house of the popular cartoon family serves as a tribute to his childhood and a fusion of analog model making with the possibilities of 3D printing.

Using the 3D design software Tinkercad, Towan first models the building parts of the house. Particular attention is paid to creating a stable and true-to-scale basic structure, which serves as the basis for the subsequent work steps. Printing is carried out on a resin printer from Anycubic. Thanks to their high resolution of 16 micrometers, resin printers enable particularly filigree printing results.

Towan then devotes himself with meticulous patience to finishing the tiny individual parts. These are smoothed, freed from support, reinforced, painted and decorated with countless loving details. The roof, for example, is given an individual texture by gluing on clay paper, while the windows have true-to-scale interior views. Towan also builds trees, shrubs and lawns from classic model-making components.

His Simpsons house model is available as a free download.

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