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3D Scanner list

The following directory lists 3D scanner hardware and software solutions currently known to us.

In order to provide us with additional information or to submit adjustments, please contact us.

 3D ScannerInfoType
3D Digital Escan 2.0DesktopHardware
3D Digital Optix 400MDesktopHardware
3D Systems iSenseMobileHardware
3D Systems SenseMobileHardware
Artec Eva LiteMobileHardware
Artec Spider 3D ScannerMobileHardware
Artec Space SpiderMobileHardware
CADScan 3D CubikDesktopHardware
Creaform Go!SCANMobileHardware
Csiro Zebedee - ZEB 1MobileHardware
David SLS-1 ScannerDesktopHardware
David Starter-KitDesktopHardware
Dimbody 3D ScannerDesktopHardware
Fuel3D 3D ScannerMobileHardware
Hackengineer 3D ScannerDIYHardware
HandySCAN 300MobileHardware
HandySCAN 700MobileHardware
Lantos Ear ScannerMedicalHardware
Lynx A CameraMobileHardware
MakerBot DigitizerDesktopHardware
MatterformLabs PhotonDesktopHardware
MetraSCAN 3D 70MobileHardware
MetraSCAN 3D 210MobileHardware
Micron3D ScannerMobileHardware
NextEngine 3D ScannerDesktopHardware
OrcaM 3D ScannerIndustrialHardware
Radiant Fabrication LionheadAll-in-OneHardware
Raspberry Pi 3D ScannerDIYHardware
Rubicon 3D ScannerDesktopHardware
Scan in a BoxMobileHardware
SHERAeco-scan 7MedicalHardware
SHERAeco-scan 3MedicalHardware
SHERAeco-scan iMedicalHardware
SolidcraftFull BodyHardware
Structure SensoriOSHardware
Sturm Apollo 3D ScannerMobileHardware
Trim3nsion – ScanTwisterProfessionalHardware
VirtuMake VirtuCubeDIYHardware
3DigifyDIY – 2 Cameras&ProjectorSoftware
3DLSX1Laser ScanningSoftware
Artec Studio 10WindowsSoftware
Autodesk 123 CatchiOSSoftware
Autodesk PhotoflyImage BasisSoftware
Autodesk ReCapAD Design ErweiterungSoftware
CirriImage BasisSoftware
DephtInitionImage BasisSoftware
FabliTec 3D ScannerKinect/ Xtion BasisSoftware
Faro ScenectKinect/ Xtion BasisSoftware
Geomagic ControlWindowsSoftware
Geomagic Design XWindowsSoftware
Geomagic Kinect-to-3DKinect BasisSoftware
Geomagic StudioWindowsSoftware
Kinect for WindowsKinect BasisSoftware
KScan3DKinect BasisSoftware
Matherix 3DifyKinect BasisSoftware
MoedlsiOS / AndroidSoftware
Profactor ReconstructMeKinect BasisSoftware
RecFusionKinect/ Xtion BasisSoftware
SkanectKinect BasisSoftware
VolumentalKinect/ Xtion BasisSoftware

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