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3DLabPrint Enables You to 3D Print Your Own R/C Airplane

3DPrintLab, founded by Czech architect and pilot Štěpán Dokoupil, offers a series of 3D printable R/C aircrafts.

Currently you can download the 3D printable files for models such as the Spitfire and Mustang fighters as well as larger models such as the Thunderbolt and EasyMax sports glider for $ 20. Further models, that are currently in development will be available soon.

Once printed, the parts can be assembled by gluing them together. You then have to add a brushless motor, ESC, servos and radio system. All these steps are explained in detail in the PDF and video included.

A suitable plane for beginners, that is very easy to fly and relatively slow, would be the Easymax 001 with a wingspan of 1.527 meters (60.1 in).

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