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Autodesk Releases Instructables on How to 3D Print 24x Faster with Ember

Engineers at Autodesk have been able to achieve 3D printing speeds that are 24 times faster than before for their Ember DLP 3D printer.

Autodesk has already opened the printers electronics and firmware last year. With the release on instructuables printer owners can now speed up the printing process through optimising the printer settings, software and material from 18 mm/hour to 440 mm/hour. No changes need to be made to the device’s hardware. The instructions are applicable for other DLP or SLA 3D printing systems as well.

Autodesk explains in their post that they aim to drive the additive manufacturing industry forward: “We want to continue advancing the state of additive manufacturing and we expect the best advances in manufacturing processes to come from approaches that combine hardware, materials, and software.

The engineers achieved the higher speed with the following three steps:

  • Material – we’ve designed a resin that cures quicker and at thicker layers
  • Process – we’ve changed the print process by eliminating the separation step and printing at 250micron layers
  • Geometry – we’ve chosen a lattice structure that reduces the surface area per layer


To check out the changes in detail, head to Instructables.

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