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Carima Shows “Fastest” 3D Printer Called 4S

The South Korean 3D printer manufacturer has released a video to promote their latest resin-based 3D printer.

The title of the video is “The World Fastest 3D Printing Technology Demonstration-carima” and shows a resin-based 3D printer which creates a 10 cm high Eiffel Tower in just under 10 minutes. It teases a new 3D printer called 4S.

Maybe it is not the fastest 3D printer we saw yet, but Carima is a trusted manufacturer in Asia and has delivered 3D printers for a few years now. So lets wait till the 4S is released and we see some more tests of the device’s actual performance.

The 4S utilises a technology called C-CAT (CARIMA-Continuous Additive 3D Printing Technology) wich is able to print 1 cm per minute.

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