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Collaboration Tool from Xometry aims to optimize Supply Chain Processes

The US company Xometry has introduced a new collaboration platform for contract manufacturing. Procurement, supply chain and construction are to be better connected via a dashboard. According to Xometry, this increases transparency and efficiency. Procurement processes and decisions could be optimized based on data. Xometry wants to use the dashboard to drive digitization in the manufacturing industry.

The new dashboard provides engineering, procurement and supply chain teams with a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects. This tool is a valuable extension of Xometry’s online marketplace and promotes efficient order management and data-driven decision making.

“Our new dashboard further accelerates Xometry’s continued adoption into the enterprise and supports a growing number of clients who rely on us to strengthen their supply chains and provide additional capacity for large-volume production runs,” said Randy Altschuler, Xometry CEO. “With it, our customers can manage the production of individual parts to entire supply chain projects, empowered by data and insights that help them drive real-time decision-making.”

The launch of the dashboard was announced as part of the company’s quarterly reporting on August 9, 2023, and is currently in beta with large enterprises. Widespread availability is expected later this year.

Xometry’s dual marketplace model is instrumental in the rapid digitization of the manufacturing industry by connecting enterprise buyers with manufacturers who are turning breakthrough ideas into reality. Xometry’s proprietary technology shortens development cycles and increases efficiency in enterprise environments while stabilizing supply chains. Xometry’s product portfolio includes not only the leading digital marketplace, but also platforms such as Thomasnet.com and cloud-based tools, including Workcenter, which supports small and medium-sized manufacturers.

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