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Geomagic Freeform (Plus) 2013

The tactile, digital modelling system Geomagic Freeform allows for a simple 3D design of detailed, organic shapes and designs and supports multiple ways of display.

Shapes and designs can be integrated into CAD working processes and are suitable for prototyping and manufacturing.
In addition the haptic input devices “Sensable Phantom Omni” or “Sensable Phantom Desktop” allow for a user friendly control by providing a tactile feedback and making exact three-diamensional positioning possible. Models are created by pulling, pushing, carving, kneading and smoothing. Besides other upgrades in the 2013 version, the display option Subdivision Surfaces was added, allowing for advanced creation of surfaces. Further the comment section was improved. Unlike the conventional versions the Plus version also supports NURBS functions.

According to the producer this software increases the productivity and enhances the quality of design. It is applicable for design of consumer goods, medical devices, shoes, fitments and many more.
Geomagic Sensable Phantom Desktop


Geomagic CEO Ping Fu im BBC Interview


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