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Katahashi Instruments: Violin out of the 3D-printer

Japanese instrument manufacturer Katahashi Instruments unveiled their latest violin, Karen Ultralight. The special feature here is the fully 3D-printed frame, which gives the new model a modern and elegant look.

The history of violin making in Japan is rather straightforward: the earliest violin makers in Japan were Sadajiro Matunaga and Masakichi Suzuki (b. 1859 – d. 1944). Both were trained as shamisen makers and began making violins based on instruments brought to Japan from Western sources in the late 19th century, using Japanese pine and maple wood and sometimes sycamore maple.

As part of the Westernization policy, the Japanese government had introduced teacher training programs for piano, organ, and violin instruction in 1880.

Modernized violins

The new Karen Ultralight not only features a modern design, it also adds everything an electric violin can do. Thus, the design and the electric components merge into a coherent, modern descendant of an old instrument.

The violin is described as size: 4/4 and consists of a body made of maple wood, the 3D-printed polyamide frame and a fingerboard made of birch. In addition, the new model also features Jujube tuning pegs and chinrest, and an active pickup system. The package also includes a case, shoulder rest, composite bow, rosin and 9V battery.

Like all electric instruments, the jacks for data exchange cannot be missed.

The Karen Ultralight is available in four editions:

  • Black Piano
  • Pearl White
  • Dark Platinum
  • Red Copper

According to the manufacturer, the violin scores with:

  • High performance: electric violin with incredible sound and quality.
  • Perfect ergonomics and ultra-light weight.
  • 3D-printed design: futuristic 3D-printed frame made by computer design with the latest technical materials.
  • Quiet and lightweight: practice quietly or play your best directly. Great
    functionalities for use at home or live.

Find out more about Katahashi Instruments at katahashi.com.

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