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MakerWorld: New 3D model platform from Bambu Lab

3D printing company Bambu Lab has unveiled MakerWorld, a community platform for 3D models. According to Bambu Lab, MakerWorld is intended to improve collaboration between designers, users, filament manufacturers and 3D printer suppliers.

With the platform, Bambu Lab aims to lower the barriers for newcomers to 3D printing. Often, beginners fail due to challenges such as model search, slicing or transferring G-code. This is where MakerWorld comes in: Experts can share their profile settings so that even non-experts can achieve good printing results.

According to Bambu Lab, designers’ rights are protected. Among other things, the original link must be provided for models with Creative Commons licenses. In addition, experts can upload models with their optimal print settings. This is intended to make it easier for users to achieve good results.

Filament manufacturers can also provide specific settings for their products. With the help of the Bambu software, the model, presettings and filament parameters are then automatically combined to produce the optimum G-code.

MakerWorld will serve as a one-stop shop. According to Bambu Lab, the platform will be open to everyone, not just owners of Bambu Lab printers. MakerReward will also allow users to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

In this way, Bambu Lab is following a similar path to other manufacturers. Thingiverse, for example, is the largest platform for 3D models to date. This portal is operated by the manufacturer MakerBot or now UltiMaker. The Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa also has a 3D model platform with Printables, and a few days ago AnkerMake also introduced a new portal. The public beta phase of Bambu Labs MakerWorld will start in the next few weeks.

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