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MikroCAD – 3D Inspection Scanner for the Future

LMI Technologies introduces their new MikroCAD series. The series includes six different 3D scanners which are adapted for scanning small objects with a very high resolution. The manufacturer announced that these new devices should be available on one-third of the price of competing solutions.

The MikroCAD series was designed to have a compact design – the weight of the scanners differs between 1 and 6.5 Kilogram (2.2 – 143.3 pounds).  All devices are delivered pre-calibrated, this enables you to get their scanners running without complex calibrating processes. Six models are available to provide a wide range of scan sizes and resolutions. The smallest and cheapest model has a measurement range of 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.8 mm and it has an amazing resolution of 2.4 x 0.2 µm (X-Resolution x Z-Resolution). A detailed overview is given by this table (it’s also available on the website of LMI Technologies):

Overview of the MikroCAD series
Overview of the MikroCAD series

With included software there are a lot of different applications. You can measure the surface of different materials, for example the edge of different cutting tools or the fabric of cloths or the processing of glass fibre. Due the measurement times of 4 to 10 seconds it is possible to scan lots of elements in a short time.

MikroCAD Software Example

The software requires a Pc with Windows 7 as operating system. The cheaper scanners have an Ethernet interface and more expensive ones have a FireWire B and a USB interface. At present there are no prices announced – if you are interested in one of the scanners you contact the manufacture over the company’s website.

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