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Mimics Innovation Suite: 3D Modelling for Medical Applications – Update

Materialise’s Software Mimics Innovation Suite features a complete software packages for medical 3D applications.

19.03.2013 – In order to create and edit 3D models based on CT, microCT, CBCT or MRI scans, Materialise offers the software package Mimics Innovation Suite. It not only enables you to process and display digital anatomic data but also creates models for 3D printing.

Mimics Innovation Suite features the following products:

  • Mimics16: software for medical image segmentation and creation of 3D models
  • 3-matic8: CAD software for anatomic data

Additionally services for advanced training and creation of medical 3D models is offered.


Update: 02.04.2014 – Materialise presents new version Mimics 17.0 and 3-matic 9.0

The new version of Mimics Innovation Suite featuring Mimics 17.0 and 3-macic 9.0 offers improvements and new support for 3D data arising from ultrasound and x-ray devices.

For nearly 25 years, Materialise has been leading the way in solutions for evidence-based R&D starting with medical image data. Now, with the addition of the X-ray Module*, it’s  possible to analyze the 3D position of bones and implants at each critical moment of a patient’s treatment, without the expense of multiple MRI scans and unnecessary exposure to high doses of radiation with additional CT scans. By combining 3D imaging modalities with X-ray images engineers can work in the 3D environment they prefer, while collaborating with clinicians in the modality they’re most accustomed to using. This powerful combination opens up numerous possibilities such as comparing 3D pre-operative plans with post-operative results to analyze and improve surgical procedures.

The new Pulmonary Module enables clinicians to derive more anatomical information from your lung CT scans. This flexible, fast and user-friendly solution facilitaties the accurate segmentation of the lower respiratory system for advanced research and analyses. Though segmenting the pulmonary system has always been possible in Mimics, the new module offers improved outcome parameters that enable the early detection of diseases and the innovation of options for localized therapies.

By adding new import modalities to the Mimics Innovation Suite like 3D Ultrasound*, Engineering on AnatomyTM acquires a much broader scope, allowing for fully dynamic cardiovascular analyses. As Ultrasound is readily available, safe for patients, administered in comfortable positions, less expensive compared to MRI or CT and now able to be imported into the Mimics Innovation Suite; its utility for R&D is higher than ever.

June 2, 2015: Update – Materialise releases Mimics 18.0 and 3-matic 10.0 software solutions

Materialise has just launched the latest versions of its Mimics Innovation Suite software solutions. New and improved tools not only increase user-friendliness and reduce segmentation time, but also make design and modelling even more realistic. The results are 3D printable in full colour. Additionally, the visualisation capabilities have been expanded with a fluoroscopy view and virtual X-ray simulation.

The Mimics Innovation Suite offers a complete set of tools developed for biomedical professionals. With the addition of the ‘Fluoroscopy View’, healthcare professionals can simulate the angiographic view they would have during surgery and identify optimal c-arm angles for fluoroscopy for their region of interest. “This impressive new tool will be useful for our case planning as well as during conversations with physicians”, says Srinivasan Varahoor, Principal R&D Engineer at Medtronic. A second new visualization option is the ‘Virtual X-ray’ tool (available in the Research Edition only), which allows engineers to create virtual X-rays of projects to find the optimal angle for 2D/3D registration. This allows for an evaluation of the 3D position of bones and implants without a post-operative CT or MRI scan.

Another exciting and time-saving tool is the automated ‘Heart Segmentation’. This flexible, user- friendly solution allows for an effortless segmentation of the cardiovascular anatomy for advanced research and analyses. On a good quality dataset, segmentation now requires only a few mouse clicks rather than several hours of tedious work. In addition, the ‘Loft’ and ‘Sweep Loft’ tools make it easy to design benchtop models.

With the advanced export options, it is now possible to add a logo to the design in only a few seconds and export it in *zpr format for 3D Printing in multiple colors. Holding such a model in one’s hand can greatly improve the understanding of the different anatomical structures.

Apart from software improvements, a new way to characterize the mitral valve has been added to the Mimics Innovation Suite. This new patent pending workflow allows for a detailed analysis of this complex anatomy, reduces the number of design iterations needed and permits more confident entry into clinical trials.