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The New HP Sprout Comes With Leopoly Software

With the newest version of HP´s Sprout will be featuring Leopoly´s 3D design software.

With the build-in 3D scanner, touchscreen and motion-sensing-projector it is possible to design, colour and change the form of models in different ways. The design software from Leopoly takes advantages of all this input methods. The Leopoly´s software even lets you scan textures or objects and put these into your designs.

Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly:

“The marriage between the new groundbreaking Leopoly software and HP hardware platform finally bridges the gap between technology and the DiY culture, enabling the creative community to let their imagination come to life by shaping blended reality”

HP and Leopoly work together to bring these features to more students and pupils through HP´s Sprout Pro program.