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Sharebot presents BIG, the new large format resin 3D printer

Sharebot is proud to present Sharebot BIG, the new large format resin 3D printer.

Sharebot BIG is a professional 3D printer with an amazing building volume (470 x 240 x 340 mm) which allows users to create big size prototypes and products and also series production avoiding to buy a very expensive mold.

Thank to its highly competitive price performance, Sharebot BIG can capture the market. It is the ready-for-industries tool that will change radically production processes in SMEs, big companies and industries: 3D printers with a similar building volume cost at least 10 times more.

But, what is Sharebot BIG? It is a large format 3D printer that builds objects with light-sensitive resins through LSL technology (Led Screen Light). It is easy to use, sturdy and reliable. It is perfect for series production and to create resistant and easy-to-cure objects, with a high quality surface finish that makes printed pieces perfectly smooth and comfortable on the hand. This features give a perceived value higher than FDM prints.

For Sharebot BIG launch we have profiled an high performance resin, but Sharebot R&D department is working to profile all the BIG’s composites. The ready-to-use resin is the black colored D-HARD, very resistant as regards tensile strength. It has minimal narrowing (printed objects hold their shape even if subject to pressure) and presents almost no elongations.