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VoxCraft: New free AI for creating 3D models from text and images

Startup VoxCraft has unveiled an AI that can generate 3D models from text descriptions and images. The service is designed to simplify the creation of 3D content and offer new opportunities to creators.

Through an integration with Discord, users can make text entries such as “Create a red chair out of wood” or upload images. The AI then generates a corresponding 3D model in .obj format within minutes.

According to VoxCraft, the AI will be continuously trained to improve results. More customization options are to be added in an upcoming update. The service is currently free, with a limit of 20 generations per day.

VoxCraft gives users guidelines for optimal text input and images. For example, descriptions should include details about texture and material, and images should have a simple, clear background and front view.

The startup sees AI as a tool to save 3D artists and designers time and effort. Instead of modeling models manually, they can use AI as a support. In the long term, VoxCraft says a paid version of the service is also possible.

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