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Cortona3D releases Version 14.3 of 3D and 2D Documentation Software RapidAuthor

Cortona3D has unveiled the latest version of its technical documentation software, RapidAuthor 14.3, which features a number of improvements to streamline the creation of high-quality 3D animated and traditional 2D technical documentation.

RapidCatalog and RapidIllustrator users now have the power to create composite illustrations—combinations of diverse product and component views. These composite illustrations update automatically and enable the utilization of reusable templates across projects.

In RapidAuthor 14.3, users can generate vector illustrations with raster background, expedite common tasks in the Document Editor using new buttons, create more lifelike animations with the Phantom Box object, and much more.

Cortona2D Editor Pro introduces new functionality for splitting lines, single-segment polylines, and polybeziers into a specified number of equal segments. It also offers the capability to divide multi-segment polylines, polybeziers, arcs, and ellipses into individual segments. Furthermore, the 2D Editor now supports masks to conceal elements within an image, a custom color palette, new Halo styles, enhanced editing of raster 2D images, and more.

Automated generation of IPC-pages directly from the root JT’s ModelView during PLM XML file imports is now a feature in RapidAuthor 14.3 for Teamcenter. This process requires specific settings in the corresponding import profile. JT Reference Sets are also supported in this version.

RapidAuthor 14.3 brings extensive enhancements for authoring S1000D and DITA content within the Active Workspace. It is clear that Cortona3D is constantly striving to improve its product to simplify and streamline the creation of technical documentation. This new version of RapidAuthor symbolizes the progress in documentation software and is a clear example of the value that high-quality technical documentation tools can provide in the modern manufacturing landscape.

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