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Scandy Raises $1M, Announces Complete 3D Scan, Edit and 3D Print App – Update: Scandy Pro

Scandy was founded 2014 but now it really got the attention of the public: Through investments they got one million Dollar which they want to use to develop a new app for 3D scanning and editing objects and their colours.

18. April 2016: Already in October 2015 the team has funded a project through Kickstarter. This project is nearly finished now. Back in 2015 they had a simple but innovative idea. Scandy Sphere allows the user to import a 360° panorama picture from their phone. The picture itself is then converted into a 3D printable sphere. Actually the iOS App is available and the Android App should be available until the end of April.

With the money from the last big investment they want to create a 3D scanning app that also has the ability to edit the object in its colours. The scanned objects should have a high resolution but Scandy has not defined which grade of detail is possible. But to ensure high quality they decided to use “Project Tango” – this project is actually developed by Google and should have the ability for better image processing together with the measurement of the depth. Fitting to the used Google-Project Scandy decided to call their App “Scandy Project Tango”. More information about the ongoing development is available on the website of Scandy.


24 August 2016: Scandy & pmdtechnologies unveil plans for Scandy Pro


The free app that was already published by Scandy has only limited usage and isn’t comparable with the planned Pro app. The Scandy Pro app will make 3D scans of good quality and will export them so you can modify them in a 3D modelling software.

To make this possible Scandy and pmdtechnologies (pmd) have teamed up. Pmd is a leader in producing and developing 3D time-to-flight (ToF) sensors and has developed the sensor for the scanning app. Because smartphone cameras are not able to provide 3D scans at such high quality an additional sensor that’s attached to the smartphone is needed. That may sound a bit complicated but it’s still easier and cheaper than other solutions for 3D scanning systems.

Here are the technical features of Scandy Pro:

  • Platform: Android > v5.0, Mac OSX, Linux
  • Average image throughput: 5-20 fps
  • Development environments: Mac OSX, Linux
  • Scanner size [pico flexx]: 68mm x 17mm x 7.25 mm
  • Supported programming languages: C++, Java, Unity
  • Detail range: ±0.3mm features with a box of 0.25m^3, ±1mm features with a box of 1m^3
  • Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY
  • Viewing angle: 62° x 45°

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