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South African company Aditiv Solutions introduces industrial metal 3D-printer

South African technology startup Aditiv Solutions, which designs and manufactures high-end and affordable additive manufacturing equipment, will showcase its latest 3D printer, metal 3D printer HYRAX, at the upcoming Electra Mining Africa (EMA). The show will be held this year in September at the Expo Centre Johannesburg.

The EMA show is a good opportunity for the company to showcase its new flagship product. It is considered the largest trade show of its kind in Africa.

“Electra Mining is the ideal exhibition to launch our machines to the South African industry. We believe our 3D printers can add value to the local manufacturing industry, and we hope to establish our first industrial partnerships with local companies that will benefit from our technology,” the company says of its attendance at the global event.

Additive manufacturing enables the production of complex parts directly from metal powder and has many advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. However, due to the cost of AM machines, metal 3D printing is expensive and often not suitable as a production solution.

“Parts are produced by melting layers of metal powder using a high-power laser, yielding excellent material properties. This technology is used in many industries, including the medical, dental, aerospace, mining, automotive and general engineering industries,” the company tells Engineering News & Mining Weekly.

3D metal printing is increasingly being chosen as a manufacturing method around the world. It is on the rise worldwide, the company said. Still, Aditiv Solutions is the only company in South Africa that manufactures such machines, and even globally there are only a dozen companies.

Aditiv Solutions will debut its new metal 3D printer to the public at this year’s EMA. More about the event can be found here.

About Hyrax

The HYRAX printer is a metal powder bed fusion system for non-reactive materials. It is designed to be the perfect tool for a wide range of applications where the manufacturing of complex geometries is required while minimizing manufacturing costs.

HYRAX key features:

  • Build Volume: The HYRAX’s build volume is much larger than other AM platforms in the same price range.
  • Process Reliability: The highest quality German optical systems are employed to ensure build consistency and accuracy.
  • Efficiency: The high power 400W laser and high speed scanning system ensures efficient part production over a range of materials.
  • Resolution: A minimum layer thickness of 30μm and a variable spot size ensures the best combination of high resolution versus high production rates and allows for the manufacturing of fine details.
  • Metal Production: The system allows for the manufacturing of parts from a wide range of non-reactive metals such as stainless steel, tool steel, maraging steel, inconel, cobalt-chrome, etc.
  • Operating Environment: The machine has a small footprint which makes it the perfect tool for most manufacturing environments.
  • Affordable: In its range, our HYRAX machine is the most affordable machine on the market, making it an ideal solution for your metal 3D printing requirements.

HYRAX specifications:

Technology typeLaser-based Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)
MaterialsStainless steel, tool steel, maraging steel, inconel, cobalt-chrome, etc.
Build volumeØ200mm x 250mm
Laser typeYb fibre laser (single mode)
Laser power400W
Optical systemPost-objective galvo scanner
Laser focus diameter100-400 μm
Layer thickness>30μm
Inert gasArgon / Nitrogen

For more information about Aditiv Solutions, please visit www.aditiv.solutions.

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