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Ulendo increases 3D Printing Speed of Flashforge Adventurer 4 Pro

Flashforge recently announced the availability of the Adventurer 4 Pro, which prints at four times the speed of the earlier version of the device. The increase in standard speed from 50 mm/sec to 200 mm/sec is made possible by the implementation of Ulendo‘s vibration compensation software, Ulendo VC.

Similarly, the new version of the Adventurer 3 Pro 2 benefits from Ulendo VC. Through it, the printer can print at speeds of up to 200 mm/sec and achieves acceleration of up to 10,000 mm/sec².

Particularly amazing is the increase in maximum speed of the Adventurer 4 Pro to 300 mm/sec through the combination of Ulendo VC and high-speed nozzle kits.

Flashforge is also offering this speed upgrade to existing customers through a new software update. With the update, users can expect a 50-75% reduction in their print times.

Compared to “input shaping”, another vibration compensation technique, Ulendo VC offers improved print quality and reduced build errors.

Ulendo is now offering its software innovation to manufacturers of extrusion 3D printers and plans further developments to accelerate additive manufacturing through speed and quality improvements.

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