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Centriphone – Youtube Hit Thanks To 3D Printed iPhone Rig – Update: Build one yourself!

Nicolas Vuignier tested an idea to film himself while free-skiing. The result is a video which was watched over 2.3 million times in just three days.

February 9th 2016 – The 25 year old Swiss skiing enthusiast built a 3D printed rig for his iPhone 6 that allows him to wave the smartphone around him. Utilising the slow motion capabilities of the iPhone, he was able to make this gorgeous content.

As Nicolas teases a making of we hope to get more insights in the 3D printed rig in the near future.

March 9th 2016 – Nicolas released a making of video and the designs

CentriphoneNicolas Vuignier released the long awaited making of video and surprisingly open sourced the files for the Centriphone. Nicolas and his team created a homepage to sell the Centriphone and the all new Centripro for your GoPro camera. You can preorder the 3D printed accessories for just 39 CHF with everything that is needed to operate, except the iPhone or GoPro. This includes the handle and the strings.

If you own a 3D printer you can print your Centriphone case today in just a few hours. The files are also available over Centriphone.me.

Check out the video:


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