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RangeVision Inspires Kids by Fixing Toys with 3D Scanning Technology

“Awesome” is the word children used to describe today’s technology class that was held by our team at their school.

Newly developed 3D scanner RangeVision Smart helps to demonstrate that replication of any object with the help of modern 3D technologies is as simple as ABC.

To restore a missing wheel of a toy car we scanned another wheel with 3D scanner Smart, made some simple post-processing in our software RangeVision Scancenter and then printed a new wheel on a 3D printer. The replica (exact copy) of a wheel is ready and the car is on four wheels again!



Hands-on experience with 3D technologies (or 3D scanner and a 3D printer) made the class really enjoyable and ignited children’s imagination and their creative potential, so that in the end they all were asking if they could bring their one-armed robots (one-legged soldiers), one-winged fairies (one-legged dolls) and other broken toys to their next technology class.

This is a guest by RangeVision, developer of 3D scanners and software.

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