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Sage: Intuitive 3D Modeling and Printing App for iPad

The company MediaUtopa has just launched Sage, an intuitive 3D modelling and printing App for the iPad.

The free iOS Application allows the user to create shapes that are based on cylinders, including vases and figurines. By adjusting the curvature of the sides on the simple touchscreen interface, you can form a unique 3D object, just as you would do on a potter’s wheel or lathe. The multiple layers of the surfaces are called “Stickers”, which can be moved, resized and sorted right on the model. Each of the three modes View, Shape and Surface has their own help page. Sage has partnered with the service provider imaterialise so you can get your creations 3D printed and shipped to your doorstep.

View: This is the main mode where you can open and save files, send images and upload the sculpture to be 3D printed. You can zoom in and out as well as rotate the object.

Shape: In this mode you can form your sculpture by using multiple tools.

Surface: Here you can define the colours and patterns of the sculpture with Backgrounds, Skins and Stickers.



Sage can be dowloaded here.