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Tinkercad Revolutionises 3D Design in Web Browser

More and more applications are browser based nowadays and this trend doesn’t stop with 3D modelling software. The latest version of Tinkercad proves how simple, fluently and powerful browser based modelling can be.

Intuitive 3D modelling has been around for a while. The best know representatives are probably Google SketchUp and Autodesk 123d. Some of these projects are dealing with web based graphics applications. Now they are joined by Tinkercad, another easy to use 3D software.

On the puristic created surface, either existing 3D models of other users can be edited or own models can be created from scratch. Using easy drag and drop functions with your mouse, you can create three dimensional models even without prior knowledge in no time. The software runs unexpected fluently in doing so.

Once a model has been created it can be exported as .STL file and printed on any 3D printer. No worries if you don’t have your own 3D printer; thanks to an integrated interface you can order the 3D models at a Rapid Manufacturing provider.

Due to the intuitiv handling as well as integrated tutorial, you find you way around quickly and can therefor instantly enjoy modelling. Within minutes you can create your own 3D model and is craving for more.

A major advantage of browser based applications it the possibility to use the software regardless of the platform. Given the fact that the browser supports certain standards, the software can be used on any device (incl. smartphones and tablets), no matter which operating system is used.

Give it a try right away!

(c) Picture & Link: Tinkercad


Update: 27.03.2013 – Development of Tinkercad  stopped 

Update: 21.05.2013 – Autodesk buys Tinkercad