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YouTuber develops 3D-printed wasp resettlement machine

The American YouTuber Emily The Engineer has presented a self-developed machine to relocate bees in a new video. The trigger was a wasp nest outside a friend’s house that needed to be relocated.

Together with her friend, Emily developed a kind of vacuum cleaner attachment made from 3D-printed parts. This sucks in the wasps and whirls them around in a cyclone so that they land dazed in a jar. They can then be moved to a new location.

According to Emily, the self-built “wasp resettlement machine” worked well in tests. However, it had to be modified several times as not enough suction power was generated at first. In the end, however, numerous wasps were caught and relocated.

Emily wants to use the project to show how 3D printing and technical understanding can be used to develop creative solutions to problems. Her detailed documentation of the creation process is intended to provide inspiration for other maker enthusiasts. The engineer is known for similar technical experiments on her YouTube channel.

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