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The following directory lists software for 3D printers currently known to us.

In order to provide us with additional information or to submit adjustments, please contact us.

3DTin3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
3-Sweep3D modelingin Entwicklungin development
3DCreative.ly3D modelingWindows, OSX, Android, iOS / Browserin development
3D Slash3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Adobe Photoshop CC2D & 3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
Alibre Design3D modelingWindowscommercial
Anarkik3D Cloud93D modeling with haptic feedbackWindowscommercial
Art of Illusion3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Autodesk 123D Creature3D modeling of MonsteriOScommercial
Autodesk 123D Design3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
Autodesk 123D Maketransform 3d models for laser cuttingiOSfree
Autodesk 123D Sculpt+3D modelingiOSfree
Autodesk AutoCAD 3602D modelingBrowser / Cloud / iOS / Androidfree
Autodesk Fusion 3603D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
Autodesk Inventor Fusion3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
Autodesk Meshmixer3D modelingWindows, OSXfree
Autodesk Project Miller3D modelingWindows, OSXin development
Autodesk Project Shapeshifter3D modelingBrowser / Cloudin development
Autodesk Tinkerplay3D modelingWindows / iOSfree
Blender3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Blokify3D modelingiOSfree
BotQueuePrint Job ManagementBrowser / Cloudfree
Cell Cycle Design App3D modeling for jewelryBrowser / Cloudfree
Cinema 4D3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
CoffeeSCAD3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
CubeTeam3D modelingBrowserfree
Cubify Design3D modelingWindowscommercial
Cubify Draw3D modelingiOSfree
Cubify Invent3D modelingWindowscommercial
Cubify Sculpt3D modelingWindowscommercial
Cura3D printer contolWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
DesignCAD3D modelingWindowscommercial
DesignSpark Mechanical3D modelingWindowsfree
Doodle3D3D modelingWindows, OSX, iOS, Androidcommercial
Draw in 3D3D modelingiOScommercial
Electrictrick STL QuickLookQuickLook, PreviewMac OSXfree
Emendotest and prepare STL filesMac OSXcommercial
File2Part OneClick 3D3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
FreeCAD3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Gcode Viewer3D model analysisBrowserfree
Geomagic Design Direct3D modelingWindowscommercial
Geomagic Design und Design Elements3D modelingWindowscommercial
Geomagic Design X3D modeling and 3D scan data processingWindowscommercial
Geomagic Freeform (Plus)3D modelingWindowscommercial
Geomagic Sculpt3D modelingWindowscommercial
Geomagic Verify3D modeling und analysisWindowscommercial
Geomagic Wrap3D modelingWindowscommercial
Google / Trimble SketchUp3D modelingWindows, OSXfree
Honeycomb3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
KISSlicerSlicerWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Leblox3D modelingiOSfree
Leopoly3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
MakeHuman3D modeling for making 3D charactersWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
MakerBot Customizerweb application for modifiable 3D models based on OpenSCADBrowser / Cloudfree
MakerBot MakerWare3d printer contolWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Materialise Magics173D modelingWindowsonly for clients
MeCube3D modeling for iOSiOSfree
MeshlabEditing of Polygon Meshes of 3D ModelsWindows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Androidfree
Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite3D modeling for medical applicationsWindowscommercial
Materialise PROPLAN CMF3D modeling for medical applicationsWindowscommercial
Microsoft 3D Builder3D model editingWindowsfree
Morphi3D modelingiOSfree
OmNomNom Creatorconvert pictures in 3D modelsOSXfree
OpenSCAD3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
PrintelizeEditing of Polygon Meshes of 3D ModelsWindows, OSX, Linuxcommercial
PTC Creo3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
PuzzleCutbreaks up 3D models into multiple partsOpenSCAD Libraryfree
Repetier HostSlicer & HostWindows, OSXfree
ReplicatorG3D printer contolWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Rhinoceros (Rhino)3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
RUHRSOURCE CAD Assistant for 3D PrintingCAD automationWindows, OSX, Mobile, Webin development
RUHRSOURCE CADCAD solutionWindows, OSX, Mobile, Webin development
RUHRSOURCE CAD Professional SlicerSlicerWindows, OSX, Mobile, Webin development
Sage 3D3D modelingiOScommercial
Shapesmith3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
Simplify3DImport, Repair, Slice, Print-PreviewWindows, OSX, Linuxcommercial
Sketch Up Draw 20153D modelingWindows, OSXfree
Sketch Up Pro 20153D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
Slic3rSlicerWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Smoothie-3D3D modelingBrowserfree
Solidworks3D modelingWindowscommercial
Sunglass3D modelingBrowser / Cloudfree
Tinkercad3D modelingBrowser / Cloudobsolete
TurboCAD3D modelingWindowscommercial
Umake3D modelingTabletsBeta
Willit? 3D PrintCalculate costs and CO2 emissions of 3D modelsBrowser / Cloudfree
Windows 3D Builder3D modelingWindowsfree
Wings 3D3D modelingWindows, OSX, Linuxfree
Zortax Z-SuiteSlicerWindows, OSXfree
ViaCAD 2D/3D v92D & 3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
SharkFX93D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
netfabb Basic3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial
netfabb3D modelingWindows, OSXcommercial


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